Intelligent Automation and Orchestration Software 

Enterprise scale Intelligent Automation Software will transform your organisation;

Improve Productivity, Increase Operational Agility, and Maximise ROI.

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The only single IA Platform to provide:

  • Complex Event Management
  • Machine Intelligence
  • Orchestrated Process Automation
  • Rapid integration with your existing technology tools
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Business Operation Results:

  • 80x Reduction in MTTR
  • 95% Reduction Average Handling Time
  • 97% Incidents Mitigated
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Business Outcome Results:

  • Tripled Revenue
  • Increased Profitable Services
  • Closed 4 Operations Centers

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Our Multi-Purpose Intelligent Automation Software transforms the future of work with a single platform.

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Autonomous operations are not a project, but a shift in business dynamics.

    • Enterprise Services: IT to HR, Finance to Logistics, End-to-End Business Processes are automated and orchestrated.
    • Telecoms & CSP’s: Service Provisioning, Service Assurance and Business Services gain and maintain a competitive advantage.
    • Insurance: Claims Handling, Claims Management to Claims Adjudication, increase capacity, improve profitability and reduce the cost of operations

Enterprise Ready, Mature yet Dynamic.

Cortex Intelligent Automation Software comprises Sensing, Analysing, Decision and Action capabilities running as a continual process, and applying outcomes in real time.  

Intelligent Automation SADA Model

This is True Intelligent Automation.


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