Cortex = Get Automated; Stay Automated


Cortex evolves you to Zero-Touch Autonomous Operations.

  • Visual Environment
  • Exception Based Operations
  • Full Role-Based Access Controls
  • Governance and Compliance
  • Open Integrations and Vertical Stack Integrations, APIs, ODA, RPA
  • Cortex Kickstarter Demonstrates Automation in YOUR Context
  • Cortex Design Sprint Validates Suitability and Readiness
  • Cortex Launch Program – Contained Costs and Timescales
  • Cortex Acceleration Program – Self-Sufficiency and Autonomous Operations
  • Understanding Automation – Terminology and Capabilities
  • Defining your Vision of Digital Operations
  • Primary Focus is on Business Process and Desired Outcomes
  • Technology Selection is the FINAL Decision

Cortex Process Automation and Service Orchestration

Passionate about empowering clients and partners to be self-sufficient, our unique automation expertise is embedded in the Cortex Intelligent Automation Software, providing you the solution for success.

Our unique engagement programs support your automation initiatives, wherever you are on your digital evolution.

Cortex has over three decades of ‘know-how’ and deep domain knowledge across IT and Shared Business Services, Telecommunications, Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI).

Shared Business Services, ITOPs and AIOPs, HR, Finance, and Logistics can all be evolved into autonomous processes and services.